March 32nd

A private eye without a past.
A missing girl without a future.
And a world that’s falling apart.

Private investigator Jake Deschler awakes alone in the crumbling tunnels beneath the city, with no memory of how he got there. Or any memory at all. Now on the run from shadowy forces through a reality that doesn’t make any sense, Jake knows that he’s supposed to do… something.
But what? Save the girl? Save his family? Save himself?
How does it all end? It’s your call. Because this isn’t Jake’s story — it’s yours.

Welcome to March 32nd. A day you never saw coming.

The Project

It’s an Internet TV series.

March 32nd is a TV-like serial, distributed over the Internet by Chromed, an indie Seattle-based studio. A comtemporary noir story told over the course of 12 episodes, March 32nd spins a gripping tale of suspense and the supernatural.

It’s interactive entertainment.

March 32nd is a cinematic experience that you control. Guide the story and explore whatever path you want through the dark and gritty world of March 32nd. But be careful — your decisions matter. You’re not working toward the same ending as everyone else. And as you play, March 32nd is watching. Taking notes. And scripting an ending just for you.

It’s a hybrid — an interactive series.

March 32nd is an ambitious hybrid, fusing all the media that we love so much. The sweeping narrative arcs of the best TV series. The transporting power of the movies. And the immersion of video games. All in a single experience.

It's your story - make it a good one.

The Story

It seemed like an ordinary case…

Track down teenage runaway Matty Blake, the latest in a long list of lost little girls. For ex-cop turned low-rent private eye Jake Deschler, it sounds like easy money.

That was before Jake woke up in the sewer with a briefcase shackled to his wrist — and no memory. How did he get there? What’s in the briefcase? Who are the armed men who will stop at nothing to get it?

But that’s only one mystery. The other has to do with the world itself. Something’s… wrong. Reality is cracking around the edges. Strangers appear to Jake — and only Jake — issuing advice, instructions, warnings. Is what Jake’s seeing real, or is he going insane? The only thing Jake knows for sure is that the world didn’t start falling apart until after he started looking for Matty.

Two intertwined mysteries. Find the girl. Fix the world. Solve one, and you’ll solve the other. You have 12 episodes to uncover the truth.

An impossible day.

The Look

The look of March 32nd is as surreal and striking as its story.

The Stage

Our sets are real-world photographs. But remade — desaturated, retextured, collaged, and digitally rebuilt — to create a visually rich world that’s both familiar and strange.

The Players

And our characters are no less otherworldly. We film actors in our greenscreen studio, capturing the energy of a live performance. But then we transform them into living shadows. Everyone in our world — from our protagonist to any random background figure — is a colored silhouette. A piece of living art with the all the nuance of a real actor.

Like nothing you’ve ever seen.

The Feel

An evolving narrative.

At its core March 32nd is a game, but one built around narrative discovery - just like a film, you’re here to see what happens next. But unlike a film, you have a hand in actually determining what that "next" is. Your choices — large and small — color and shape the narrative, culminating in your own unique ending at the end of the 12-episode story.

Intuitive controls.

March 32nd features an interface so simple, anyone can play. Just click and you’ll interact — with objects, with people, with the dark world of the game. We’ve streamlined the experience so that you can concentrate on what’s important: your story and your choices.

Backed by the power of the Internet.

Thanks to our Internet-based distribution, we can track your progress online. Now your story can follow you from device to device, from place to place. Pick up the story where you left off whenever and wherever you want.

TV. As a video game.


Note: This gallery contains concept and promotional art, and may not reflect the final in-product content.
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